Stars Music Academy vision is to continue building on India’s rich tradition of music and art, culture and entertainment.


Stars Music Academy cannot exist without the generous contribution from its founding members, who consists of representatives from broad array of professional and institutional experience. Below you will find the list of the chair-holders of our institution.

Paaras Ruhani

The visionary behind founding Stars Music Academy is an established music teacher in Jaipur. Paaras Ruhani received his MA in English, and is involved with music world since last 20 years. As music teacher, Paaras Ruhani has trained more than 500 pupils, who have given performances at various platforms. Under his direction, the team of performers have grown and received numerous awards. In 2007, Paaras Ruhani trained students were selected to perform on television and stage and were appreciated by all.

Training Area

Stars Music Academy has plans to develop competency in the following areas:

1. Electronic Musical Instruments

  • Keyboards
  • Controllers (Other)
  • Synthesizers & Samplers
  • Ensemble Performance

2. Music Production

  • Data Types
  • MIDI
  • Digital Audio
  • Processes
  • Looping
  • Sequencing
  • Signal Processing
  • Sound Design

3. Music Notation Software

4. Technology-Assisted Learning

  • Instructional Software
  • Accompaniment/Practice Tools
  • Internet-based Learning

Director’s Message

Culture and entertainment are an integral part of our Indian society and traditionally inherent of our life-style.

Having a good inspiration, we have started Stars Music Academy an institute of Indian music and instrumental music registered in Rajasthan, India.

Paaras Ruhani

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