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Online Music Classes 

If you’re looking for an online music classes, this is the right place. Stars Music Academy is a professional and reliable Academy with its students from India and other parts of the World. We offer you a lot of online lessons. The best thing about Online Music Classes is that you can attend these lessons from anywhere you want and no hassle for coming to academy in person.

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 Stars Music Academy provides Online Music Classes related to piano, electronic keyboard, guitar and ukulele. Our Professional mentor, Paaras Ruhani having the experience of more than 20 years will teach you everything you need to know about playing these instruments. And if you want to see some of our students performances and certificates, check out our page!

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Online Music Classes for Guitar

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The online guitar classes are a great way to learn how to play guitar while sitting at your home. We provide different types of online guitar courses, including:

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Beginner Guitar Course –

These courses are designed for people who have never played guitar before but want to learn how to play. They teach you the basics like strumming, scales and chords as well as some more advanced techniques like lead playing of some easy songs of Bollywood & Western.

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Intermediate Guitar Course –

This course cover more advanced skills such as improvisation and play more difficult songs. This also introduce new techniques such as alternate picking and slide playing.

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Advanced Guitar Course –

This course will focus on specific styles like classical or jazz. Some courses even include instruction on how to read music notations/staff notations.

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Online Music Classes for Electronic Keyboard

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Electronic Keyboard is a very popular instrument that has become one of the most sought after musical instruments. It also helps us to perform One Man Show.

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 Electronic keyboards have become a great part of the music industry and many people are choosing to learn how to play it.

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The best part about our course is that they are designed for students of all levels. So, whether you want to become a professional musician or just want to play at your home, the online lessons will help you learn how to play the keyboard.

You will learn all of the basics of playing electronic keyboard like chords, leading, scales and more. You will also learn how to read sheet music/staff notations, play with both hands together and play most of the Bollywood & Western songs professionally!

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Online Music Classes for Piano

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The Piano is a harmonic instrument known for its versatility and ease of use, which makes it accessible to beginners as well as professionals that can be learned by anyone who wants to learn how to play it. You don’t need any musical background or talent. You can just pick up your first Piano and start playing!

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You will also learn how to read sheet music, chord progressions, scales, arpeggios and co-ordination of both hands while playing. You will also receive tips and tricks for improving your technique as a Pianist. These lessons will help you understand what notes go with each chord and how they sound when played together.

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Online Music Classes for Ukulele


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Ukulele is a simple instrument & easy to learn that can be played by beginners and intermediate players. Our online ukulele lessons will teach you how to play the ukulele.

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If you are a beginner, we recommend taking our Beginner Ukulele Course first. It will give you the foundation for learning this instrument.

If you are an intermediate player and want to learn some new techniques and play some more challenging songs, take our Intermediate Ukulele Course.

After completing both of these courses, we recommend taking our Advanced Ukulele Course in order to further develop your skills.

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