Certificates of Our Students (Trinity College, London)

1. Tanishka Rane: – United Kingdom

2. Nirvi Lohiya: – United Kingdom

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Name: Nirvi Lohiya

Classical & Jazz

Grade: Initial 

Instrument: Electronic Keyboard 

Piece 1 (out of 22): Michael Row the Boat

The own interpretation element of this piece was suitably explored and communicated throughout this accurate and fluent account. The melodic line was cleanly articulated and tidily placed.

Marks: 7/7/8=22

Piece 2 (out of 22): Largo

The melody and chords were accurately played in this performance. At times, the tempo was a little unstable as the ends of the phrases were cut short. However, the playing was smoothly executed and firmly delivered.

Marks: 6/7/7=20

Piece 3 (out of 22): Little Buttercup

The notes were mostly accurate in this fluent account and the keyboard functions were managed with fluidity and security. The melodic line had shape and was clearly projected, portraying much of the characterisation.

Marks: 6/7/7=20

Technical Work (out of 14)

The scales and chords were known and were delivered readily and evenly throughout.

Mark: 14

Performance Delivery and Focus (out of 10)

This was an organised, fluid and secure presentation.

Mark: 10

Musical Awareness (out of 10)

This playing was engaging and composed and mostly conveyed the different styles of music in this presentation.

Mark: 9

Total: 95/100

Grade 88.00 / 100.00
Graded on Thursday, 15 December 2022, 11:41 AM
Graded by Picture of Clodagh HynesClodagh Hynes
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Name: Nirvi Lohiya

Classical & Jazz

Grade: Initial

Instrument: Piano

Piece 1 (out of 22): Allegretto

The fingerwork and tone were well-controlled at the start, with some admirable definition and musically shaped contrasts. The elegant mood was effectively communicated, on the whole, at this brisk tempo, with an impressively maintained pulse, and only slightly accented tone.

Marks: 7/5/7=19

Piece 2 (out of 22): March Time

The opening crotchet rhythm was strong, with some well-defined articulation and excellent coordination. The tone was slightly strident and accented at times, but there was a generally assured sense of the marching mood, in this highly accurate account.

Marks: 7/6/7=20

Piece 3 (out of 22): Into the Distance

The opening chords were well-coordinated, with some effective musical detail and hints of the opening gently flowing style. This was a highly fluent account, and although there were a few rhythmic slips and some tonal blemishes, this nonetheless flowed.

Marks: 6/5/6=17

Technical Work (out of 14): Scales, Broken triads and Exercises

The Exercises were played accurately, with a strong pulse and much of the characters and styles. Most articulation detail was observed, with a good legato tone and some skillfully controlled, and only occasionally slightly accented, tone. The scales were played with a largely even tone and rhythm, and the broken triads were well-shaped, though excessive wrist movement occasionally affected the tone.

Mark: 13

Performance Delivery and Focus (out of 10)

The performance was delivered with excellent focus overall, with some smooth and well-organised transitions and a confident manner.

Mark: 10

Musical Awareness (out of 10)

The styles were differentiated for the most part, with excellent attention to musical detail, and a gradually developing tonal awareness. There was evidence of a commanding musical voice and impressive musical awareness and consistency throughout the pieces and exercises.

Mark: 9

Total: 88/100

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4. Jaivardhan: – India

5. Aman Khan – India

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9. Parthivi Sisodia – United Kingdom

10. Harshit Choudhary – United Kingdom

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