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TRINITY GUILDHALL offers a wide range of Grade Examinations for all kinds of instruments and voices across nine levels from Initial Grade 1 to Grade 8. These examinations assess performance and technical skills from beginners to accomplished performers.

Trinity Guildhall Examinations are accredited in England, Wales & Northern Ireland by the qualifications and Curriculum Authority Dells and CEA.

Trinity Guildhall give chances to a wide range of opportunities in music for professional development.

In Jaipur, B.L.Gupta (Music Teacher), who is very keen to teach Indian & Western music, aims to support the widest range of different learners.

As he is familiar with the syllabus of Trinity Guildhall Examinations, London, he is keen to train the students for the examinations of Trinity Guildhall.

The music lovers of Jaipur, will be glad to know that there is an Examination Venue of Trinity Guildhall, London is at C-Scheme in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

B.L.Gupta welcomes & embrace cultures from all over the world. Those interested are most welcome to associate with Swaranjali Sangeet Sanstha, Jaipur.





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