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What Swaranjali offers

For the first time, Swaranjali Sangeet Sanstha (SSS), offers to all the music lovers of India online music tutoring of Spanish Guitar, Synthesizer & Piano.

For whom?

For those persons – adults and children - who don't have the time to go to the Music Institute or that time is not suitable for them due to work and studies, but are eager to learn music. Now, you can learn online individually.

How?  What is the Process?

It is Simple!
For this you have to just fill & submit this form and call B.L.Gupta, Director of Swaranjali Sangeet Sanstha Mobile No : 09829188796, 09460188716.


A highly qualified teacher from Swaranjali will confirm the request. On confirmation the interested candidate would be requested to deposit nominal fees into an account. (Details of account will be send soon after the confirmation with the candidate) Once the initial tutoring amount is transferred – a time would be mutually fixed between SSS and the candidate.

Its that Simple! Let’s start to learn.

Initially Swaranjali has started this services all over India. In future, SSS has plans to expand it internationally.

What is required ?

To learn music online there are four things you need to have.

  • You have to purchase the Instrument that you want to learn (either a Spanish Guitar or Piano or Synthesizer)

  • Webcam

  • Headphone with Microphone

  • A Bank A/c No from which the student has to transfer the money to Swaranjali’s  Account

Fee Structure


Online Teaching
Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4
Fees (In Indian Rupees)
Per hour/ Class/ Level

Music Student Personal Profile

Name of the Candidate:*
  (First Name) (Middle Name) (Last Name)
  Date of Birth:*
(DD) (MM) (YYYY)
  The Instrument which You want to learn ;
  Country:   flags
  Zip/Postal Code:
  Telephone Number:*
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  Email Address:*
  Previous Musical Experience /Learning
  Current Aims & Objectives:
  Thank You for your interest in learning instrumental music. You will be hearing from us soon regarding this request.

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